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Cyclone 19" Steel Mulch & Catch Lawnmower
SKU# Cyclone CL480SM
Cyclone CL480SM OHV Mulch & Catch Lawn Mower The Cyclone CL480SM suits the average sized domestic lawn. Fantastic value for money lawn mower, with a more durable lawn mower body than the cheaper big box store cheap mowers. Ideal for typical medium sized lawns, say 20-60 minutes cutting time. • * Exclusive 5 year domestic users extend warranty*
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Shoulder Bolts
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Shoulder Length: 2 5/8" (67mm) Thread size: 3/8". For mounting mower deck wheels.

OEM Part No:532184219, 532137644, 532193406, 583122201, 7383056, 9383056, M84691

Fits Massey Ferguson models MF36-16ARD, MF41-22RD, MF42-20SD, 13APA1ZS395, 13HD90GE395, 13HP91GN395, 13AV51CE654, 17AI2ACP695
Fits many John Deere models. For mounting mower deck wheels. Use with our 70-3101 deck wheel
Fits many MTD models 13AD782S318, 13AP90YP371, 13A091WT333, 13A288L603, 13AB11CH710, 13AB51CJ630, 13AE11CG395, 13AF51GN690, 13AF91AN603, 13AK11CK630, 13AL11CG710, 13AL93GS319, 13AM775S306, 13AN775S308, 13AN77GS390, 13AN91WS333, 13AO91WT333, 13AP11CH630, 13AP51CJ630, 13AP60TP090, 13AP60TP766, 13AP90YG371, 13AP90YP371, 13AP90YS371, 13AP91AP330, 13AP91AS330, 13AP91CS395, 13AP93AS330, 13AP93WS333, 13AQ92AK330, 13AT785S306, 13AT785T306, 13AV51CE654, 13AV90KS333, 13AV90YG371, 13AX11CG330, 13AX11CG630, 13AX11CG710, 13AX11CH710, 13AX79KT309, 13AX91AG330, 13AX91AS330, 13AV93WS333, 13BP91AS330, 13BPA1CS330, 13CD50GN690, 13CF51GN690, 13CG514E671, 13CJ50GN690, 13ED50GE690 . For mounting mower deck wheels. Use with our Part No.s 70-3101 & 70-31152 deck wheels.
Fits Cub Cadet models LX1042, 13A288L603, 13AB11CH710, 13AB51CJ630, 13AE11CG395, 13AF91AN603, 13AL11CG710, 13AP11CH630, 13AP51CJ630, 13AP91AP330, 13AP91AS330, 13AP93AS330,, 13AQ92AK330, 13AX11CG330, 13AX11CG630, 13AX11CG710, 13AX11CH710, 13AX91AG330, 13AX91AS330, 13BP91AS330, 13BF91AN603, 13BPA1CS330, 13HN99AE330, 14A2E7P330, 14A2E7P630, 17AE2ACG330, 17AE2ACG630, 17AF2BDT330, 17AF9BKH710, 17AF9BKP330, 17AH3AGP630, 17AI2ACP695, 17ARCBDS330, 17BA5A4G630, 17RF9BKH756, 17WE9BKR010, 53AA5B6L630, 53AA5A6L710, GT2550
Fits Rover models RZTS46, RZT50, 13A879WS333, 13AV93WS333, 17ARCACQ333, 17ARCBDT333
Fits Husqvarna models CT131, CT151, CT154, CTH140, CTH150, CTH151, CTH171, CTH172, CTH174, CTH180, CTH182T, CTH184T, CTH191, CTH192, CTH194, CTH200, CTH220, CTH1736, CTH2036T, CTH2038, CTH2138R, CTH2238TE, CTH2542, CTH2542T, CTH2642TE, CTH2642TR, CTH2642TRE, CTH2642TR, GTH2548, GTH2550, GTH2648, GTH2752, GTH3052, GTH3052, RZ46i, RZ4619, RZ4621, RZ4622T, TC38, TC138, TC139T, TC142T, TC238, TC239T, TC242, TC338, TC342, TC342T, TS343, TS346, TS354, YTH200, YTH220, YTH1542, YTH1842, YTH1848, YTH2042, YTH2146, YTH2148, YTH2242, YTH2242T, YTH22V42, YTH22V46, YTH2348, YTH2448, YTH2454, YTH2546TD, YTH2548, YTH2648, YTH2754T, Z246, Z246i, Z248F, Z254, ZM4619BF, For mounting mower deck wheels. Fits Troy Bilt models 13AP60TP766, 13WX78KS066
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Shoulder bolt:  Shoulder Length: 2 5/8" (67mm) Thread size: 3/8". For mounting mower deck wheels.

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