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How to get the best results

There are 2 types of mulching lawnmowers

  1. Dedicated Mulch only lawnmowers
  2. Combination Mulch and Catch lawn mowers.

Dedicated mulch only lawnmowers will give the best results. They have a unique chassis and blade design that compliment each other to give a mown lawn finish, similar in appearance to a catcher caught lawn. Dedicated mulch only mowers are expensive.

The most common mulching mower is the COMBINATION, Mulch and Catch lawnmower. Very much cheaper than the dedicated mulch only mowers, they have a chassis design the same as a catcher only lawn mower, and are fitted with blades the same or similar to a catcher lawn mower. To facilitate mulching an extra set of blades are fitted ( 4 flail blades) and a removable MULCH PLUG* is supplied. A combination catch and mulch lawnmower will never give as good a finish as a dedicated mulch only mower due to the shape of the chassis and design of the blades. However the mown lawn finish will be approx 90%, of a 100% mulch only finish.

MULCHING works best when:

  1. The grass is dry
  2. Only the top 1/3 is cut
  3. The grass is kept short
  4. The grass is mown regularly.

Designed to fill the void created by the grass chute and to keep the grass up close to the cutting blade tips. Traps the grass within the mower chassis, not allowing it to escape until cut up into small pieces.

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